Amazing Dental Services In Arlington, TX

Arlington is known as the Dream City. However, did you know that apart from being the entertainment capital of Texas, Arlington is also home to one of the best dental facilities in the area?

The Arlington office Ivy Rose Family Dentistry features some of the most advanced dental technologies available.  Dr. Christine Lamun and Dr. Rosa Beck lead a handpicked staff that is patient-focused.  Our dental practice provides exceptional patient experiences, incorporates up-to-date dental methodologies, and continuously seeks ways to improve the industry.

Hence, concerning dentistry, our team is ALL IN!

Our Comprehensive Family Dental Care

Our office starts seeing kids as early as 6 months thru adulthood. Each age group requires different dental strategies.  Children who have not received their adult teeth typically will require services much quite different from teenagers and adults.  Similarly, seniors may face dental challenges that are unique to aging.

Our dentists and staff have the training and insight to handle all age groups.  Hence, we can truly be called a comprehensive family dental care facility.

Full Range of Dental Services in Arlington

Regardless of what dental service you need, we’ve got you covered!  Our restorative dentistry includes:

Our cosmetic dental services include:

Furthermore, we also offer:


Ivy Rose Family Dentistry offers comprehensive dental services to residents in Arlington and surrounding areas in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.  If you are not receiving the service you expect from your dentist or are seeking great dentistry, give us call today.  You can contact us online by making an appointment or call the number below.

Ivy Rose Family Dentistry

(817) 435-4653 (Arlington dental office)

(682) 237-8821 (Mansfield dental office)



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